New APIs

Effectively address security blind spots by managing new APIs.

When new APIs are on the verge of deployment or are about to arrive in the production environment, there are notable considerations:

  1. Visibility Challenges: New APIs may not be immediately visible in the catalog, particularly if they are yet to be officially deployed. This may require prompt integration into the API tracking system.

  2. Security Gaps: Until officially added to the security testing regimen, new APIs may contain potential security gaps, necessitating swift assessment before they become operational.

  3. Operational Impact: Developers may not be aware of newly introduced APIs, especially if they are in the pre-production phase. This lack of awareness can lead to potential operational challenges without comprehensive documentation.

  4. Ensuring Documentation Completeness: New APIs may lack complete documentation until they are officially deployed. Proactively addressing documentation gaps ensures that developers have the necessary information for successful integration.

Managing Implications: prioritize documentation, and collaboration to smoothly integrate new APIs into your ecosystem.

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