Shadow APIs

Effectively address security blind spots by managing shadow APIs.

Suppose an API appears in the production environment but is absent in the documentation. This 'shadow API' scenario poses several challenges:

  1. Incomplete Security Assessments: The API may not undergo necessary security assessments, leading to incomplete security coverage and potential vulnerabilities going unnoticed.

  2. Limited Visibility: The absence of documentation restricts visibility, making it challenging to monitor and manage the complete API landscape.

  3. Risk of Undetected Changes: Without comprehensive coverage, changes made to the API in the production environment may go unnoticed, posing a risk of undetected alterations.

  4. Operational Challenges: Incomplete documentation hinders efficient operation, as developers may lack crucial information required for successful integration.

  5. Compliance Risks: The presence of 'shadow APIs' may impact regulatory compliance efforts, as documentation completeness is crucial for assessments.

Managing Implications: Conduct thorough audits, document shadow APIs, and implement governance to align production with intended API landscapes.

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