API Info

Explore security-related API information in Pynt's API catalog for informed decisions and efficient management.

Each API entry in the 'API Catalog' main view provides essential information:

  • Method: The HTTP method used by the API (e.g., GET).

  • URL: The specific endpoint URL for the API (e.g., /users/{id}).

  • Authenticated Flag: Indicates whether authentication is required for the endpoint.

  • Technology: Specifies the technology employed (e.g., REST).

  • Source Category: Identifies the API source category, such as API Documentation.

  • Insight: Offers insights into the API's functionality or purpose. See more here.

  • Risk Score: Quantifies the security risk associated with the API, categorized as High, Medium, or Low.

  • Application: Indicates the associated application.

  • Last Scanned: Displays the date of the last security scan.

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