Manage Sources

Streamline your API Catalog with Pynt by efficiently managing sources! Explore our guide on setting up and overseeing sources within your API Catalog.

The sources management functionality empowers organizations to continuously update their API catalog by integrating various sources, ensuring an up-to-date and accurate security posture. Each API source is associated with a specific application, allowing for a tailored and focused approach to catalog management.

API sources can include diverse options such as API documentation, API gateways, code repositories, or Pynt API security testing sources (discovered automatically).

The flexibility extends further, enabling users to assign multiple sources of the same type to a single application. For example, an organization can link Swagger as a documentation API source and AWS Gateway as a production source to the same application. This enhances adaptability in managing their API landscape and enables Pynt to identify API security posture gaps effectively.

By leveraging 'Manage API Sources,' organizations can streamline the process of cataloging APIs, enhancing security, and ensuring that their API catalog remains dynamic and responsive to the evolving needs of their applications.

For each application, you can add or delete sources, view source information, and see the list of added sources directly from the setup view, as illustrated below.

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