Pynt Postman Troubleshooting

Resolve Postman integration hiccups with ease! Check out our troubleshooting guide for Pynt Postman integration.

Common error messages:

IssueError Message

Pynt container is not running

The API key provided is empty, please provide a valid API key

The API key provided was unauthorized, either your API key is invalid or we encountered a network issue.

Unable to fetch collection, please make sure a valid collection/environment was provided

More than one collection with the same name was found - please provide a unique collection name or collection id

The collection identifier provided in the Pynt configuration under "YOUR-COLLECTION" is malformed

We identified that your target is unreachable. Please make sure your target is up and running.

All responses from your functional test collection run returned with errors, please check your collection vs. the target

The target domain was unresolved. Please make sure your functional tests use the correct domain

The functional tests had an unresolved variable. Check that the environment file is included

TLS handshake failed because your target uses a self-signed certificate.

Common warning messages:

IssueWarning message

We identified only X requests. Adding more requests will provide better security test coverage

The functional tests included only one user. Adding more users will allow Pynt to run more accurate tests

The functional tests had assertions that failed, which affected the security tests. Fixing these assertions will improve the security tests

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