What is Pynt?

Discover the essence of Pynt! Dive into our introductory guide to understand what Pynt is and how it empowers you with advanced API security features.
Pynt is a developer-centric API security autopilot solution that excels at bridging the gap between security teams and developers. By doing so, Pynt empowers organizations to seamlessly secure their APIs with a forward-thinking, shift-left approach.
Pynt offers two comprehensive plans to cater to diverse needs:
​Community Version: Pynt's free community version MVP empowers development teams to swiftly execute full OWASP-10 API security tests in just a matter of minutes, directly from their existing environments and CI/CD pipelines.
​Enterprise Edition: the enterprise edition empowers security owners in organizations to gain full control over their APIs, from development to production. It enables them to discover all APIs, assess their associated risks, identify gaps, and conduct comprehensive, context-aware API security tests using Pynt's cutting-edge security engine.
Pynt’s dynamic security testing is available for free
as part of the community version and seamlessly integrates into existing development tools, like Postman, Newman, PyTest, or RestAssured, and popular CI/CD pipelines, like, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, GitLab, and more.
Pynt's Postman Integration
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