🔵Pynt Command

Pynt command is a mode of Pynt CLI that runs API security tests from any CLI based functional tests .

To run Pynt command, simply wrap the command line you use for the functional test with pynt command:

Basic usage

pynt command --cmd <your command line>

Optional arguments

    --captured-domains - Pynt will scan only these domains and subdomains. For all domains write "*"
    --port - Set the port pynt will listen to (DEFAULT: 5001)
    --allow-errors - If present will allow command to fail and continue execution
    --ca-path - The path to the CA file in PEM format
    --proxy-port - Set the port proxied traffic should be routed to (DEFAULT: 6666)
    --report - If present will save the generated report in this path.
    --insecure - use when target uses self signed certificates
    --host-ca - path to the CA file in PEM format to enable SSL certificate verification for pynt when running through a VPN.
    --return-error - 'all-findings' (warnings, or errors), 'errors-only', 'never' (default), 


How Pynt command works

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