🔵Pynt Har

Pynt har is a mode that simply run Pynt scan on the traffic recorded in a har file

A HAR file, or HTTP Archive format file, is a JSON formatted log of a web browser's interactions with a site. It records all the web resources loaded by the browser, including HTML pages, CSS stylesheets, JavaScript scripts, images, and more. This detailed record includes the timing of each resource load, enabling analysis of the page's load performance and the identification of bottlenecks.

Basic usage

pynt har --har <path to har file> --captured-domains <domain>

Required arguments

--har - Path to har file
--captured-domains - Pynt will scan only these domains and subdomains. For all domains write "*"

Optional arguments

--reporters - Output results to json
--application-id - Attach the scan to an application, you can find the ID in your applications area at app.pynt.io
--host-ca - Path to the CA file in PEM format to enable SSL certificate verification for pynt when running through a VPN.

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