🔘ReadyAPI testrunner

ReadyAPI TestRunner

ReadyAPI TestRunner is a command-line utility allowing users to execute SoapUI tests from the command line without using the SoapUI GUI. It's part of the ReadyAPI suite, designed to facilitate automated testing in CI/CD pipelines.

Pynt can leverage the traffic generated by the ReadyAPI functional tests to perform a comprehensive API security test.

Pynt API Security testing with testrunner

In this example we will use pynt command to wrap the testrunner command. the proxy parameters must be added to route testrunner through Pynt: -Dhttp.proxyHost and -DhttpProxyPort

See the following example:

$ pynt command --cmd './testrunner.sh -r -a -j -I /tmp/Project-1-readyapi-project.xml -Dhttp.proxyHost= -Dhttp.proxyPort=6666'

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