Scan Info

Explore security-related API information in Pynt's scan history for informed decisions and efficient management.

Each entry in the 'Scan History' View provides comprehensive details about the security scans:

  1. Timestamp: The date and time when the scan occurred.

  2. User: Identifies the user who initiated the security scan.

  3. Integration: Specifies the integration or tool used for conducting the scan.

  4. Functional Test Name: Indicates the name of the functional test associated with the security scan.

  5. Scan Duration: Displays the time taken for the scan to complete.

  6. Status: Reflects the outcome of the security scan, whether it was successful or encountered issues.

  7. Application: Identifies the application associated with the scan.

  8. Endpoints Num.: The total number of endpoints tested during the scan.

  9. Errors Num.: Indicates the number of errors detected in the API endpoints.

  10. Warnings Num.: Specifies the number of warnings identified during the security scan.

  11. Report: Allows to view and download the comprehensive report associated with the scan.

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