Refine your API catalog with Pynt! Explore the 'Testing' source type, ensuring comprehensive and up-to-date API discovery for advanced security.

The API Security Testing source category is automatically discovered during Pynt's security testing process. This source contributes to comprehensive API discovery and security posture within Pynt, allowing organizations to proactively manage and secure their APIs.

The supported API testing integrations can be found here.

To associate a scan with an application, there are two options: manual and automatic. For manual association, select the relevant application in the Scan History view. For automatic association:

  1. Add the relevant App ID to the scan. Click on 'Copy App ID' from the 'Actions' menu, as illustrated in the example below.

  1. Before running a scan, ensure to include the App ID in the scan parameters by adding it as follows:

    • include the App ID as the current value for the PYNT-ENTERPRISE-APP-ID parameter in Pynt's collection.

    • For Newman integration or any other integration running via the Pynt command, add the parameter: --application-id="MY_APP_ID"

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