Unresolved Target Domain

Message: The target domain was unresolved. Please make sure your functional tests use the correct domain

What Happened: We couldn’t resolve the test target’s domain name to an IP or otherwise couldn’t communicate with the server

How To Solve:

1. Use β€œlocalhost” instead of IP (such as β€œ127.0.0.1”) for a server running on the local machine

2. Make sure the correct environment is selected in Postman UI

3. Make sure that the domain is reachable by using Postman to run the test collection and that no β€œDNS Lookup Failed” errors were received

4. Make sure that the domain is accessible from the docker container by running the following commands in a command prompt, replace "<THE TEST DOMAIN>" with your domain:

docker run -it alpine:latest /bin/sh

Make sure that error message such as β€œName or service not known” wasn’t received

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