How to run Pynt on GitLab

Copy your Pynt ID into a variable in your GitLab variables

Settings -> CICD -> Variables

Add Pynt to you workflow, see following example of a job in GitLab workflow that runs Pynt on our goat vulnerable application:

  - pynt
  # Use the official docker image.
  image: docker
  stage: pynt
    - docker:dind
    - apk add --update curl && rm -rf /var/cache/apk/*
    - apk add --update python3
    - apk add py3-pip
    SHARED_PATH: /builds/shared/$CI_PROJECT_PATH
    # create shared folder
    - mkdir -p ${SHARED_PATH}
    # pynt should run from ${SHARED_PATH} context. 
    - cd ${SHARED_PATH}
    # set $PYNT_CREDENTIALS environment variable
    - export PYNT_ID=$pyntid
    # get collection to test
    - curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/pynt-io/pynt/main/goat_functional_tests/goat.postman_collection.json --output goat.json
    # install pyntcli
    - python3 -m venv venv
    - source venv/bin/activate
    - pip install pyntcli
    # run pynt security scan against goat.json collection
    - pynt newman --collection ${SHARED_PATH}/goat.json --reporters --return-error=errors-only
    # results both html and json will be created at ${SHARED_PATH}: ${SHARED_PATH}/pynt_results.json, ${SHARED_PATH}/pynt_results.html
    - cat ${SHARED_PATH}/pynt_results.json

Controlling the return code from Pynt

pynt newman and pynt command have an optional flag --return-error

With this flag, you have granular control over whether Pynt returns an error code (non zero) in the event of findings. Use this flag to control when Pynt will break the CI/CD run, allowed values are:

'all-findings' (warnings or errors),
'never' (default)

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