Pynt CLI Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot Pynt CLI effectively! Explore our documentation for insights and solutions to common issues you might encounter with Pynt's command-line interface.

'pynt' is not recognized

When you install Pynt CLI using pip, the output will show the path to the script folder. To prevent the "Pynt not recognized" error when running Pynt, ensure that the Python scripts folder is added to your PATH environment variable. This issue usually arises when the pip scripts folder is not included in your PATH.

To find Pynt location path after installation:

pip show pyntcli

Add to PATH: Instructions on how to add a variable to PATH for Win Mac and Linux

Wrong Pynt !

Getting the following message means that there is a conflict with another package named Pynt installed on your machine.

To remove the unwanted Pynt installation:

pip uninstall pynt

Unable to pull the image from docker pull

Please note that Pynt's images are public. If you encounter any issues while accessing them, it may be due to a restriction policy set by your organization or using a self-host registry. In such a case, you can override the registry URI we use to pull the image. To do this, you can configure a registry mirror to our public registry ( and then set the following Environment Variables for example: export IMAGE=<Your Private Registry URI> For more information about available tags, please visit

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